Feminist activism in Mexico and Colombia: the role of women in political protests

Juin 17, 20210 commentaires

JIF invites to a conversation with Ita Maria Diez, Juliana Salamanca and Catalina Ruiz-Navarro, Colombian feminist activists, to understand the situation in Colombia and Mexico from a gender perspective.

Following president Duque’s announcement of a tax reform, since April 28 protests have sparked throughout Colombia. The force deployment by the government has been disproportionately violent against civilians and indigenous protestors.

This violence has been even more brutal for women, who have been target of sexual violence. Added to this, the trans community has been hit with numerous murders that have yet to be investigated by the Colombian state. 

Mexican women are still demanding actions from the government to address one of the world’s worst rates of gender violence. The demonstrations of March 8 were heated in the Mexican capital with confrontations between the police and protesters. 

In conversation with JIF member Camila Gonzalez Rincon, Ita Maria, Juliana and Catalina will help the audience to understand the specific role of women* both as crucial front-line organizers of the protests and as targets of police brutality.

Spanish with English interpretation