Téléchargez le tracte avec les revendications générales de la Grève des Femmes*le 7 mars 2020! 

Strike Flyer

Download the Flyer about why women* are striking on March 7th DIN A5 and print it out yourself to distribute!

Flyer Actions

Download the Flyer with action ideas at the workplace, at home, in the streets written by OGBL to support women in Luxembourg to take part in the political strike on March 7th!

Print the flyer yourself or contact OGBL to get copies to distribute. 

Strike Manifesto Flyer A5

Download the Flyer in DIN A5 and print it out yourself to distribute!

A5 page 1 and 2 →

A4 Layout with page 1 and 2 on same page ↓


Grève des Femmes* Poster

Le poster officiel de la grève des femmes au Luxembourg 2020 à télécharger ici:

Communications Kit

These are all the documents you will need in order to communicate about the strike. Including: 

  • Social Media Visuals
  • Offline Newsletter Sign Up sheets
  • Visual Identity (Colors, Fonts, Logo,…)
  • Flyers
  • Other useful information

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